TR Media is a UK-based publishing house specialising in projects that directly support the professional computer security industry. Our flagship magazine, Digital Forensics Magazine, combines the depth and research of the best academic journal with the more traditional consumer feel of a trade magazine; this offers an exceptional medium for our writers to communicate with our readers, where learning and education is at the heart of our ethos.

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TR Media prides itself on its open-house submissions policy, where we are happy to talk to anyone who has a good idea. We accept formal proposals, as you might expect, but are also happy to brainstorm book or article ideas with anyone who is interested in being published in any of our media projects.

Our current focus is on all aspects of computer and cyber forensics, as well as e-discovery and reverse engineering. Nevertheless, if you have an interesting angle, job or piece of research that needs to be shared, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at today.

You can also find us on LinkedIn where we will be sharing updates on new issues of Digital Forensics Magazine, new publications and any other activities we are currently undertaking. Follow TR Media on LinkedIn or join the DFMag discussion group.